Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Winds of Change

Well faithful Avenger followers, we've come to a crossroad in our relationship.

For as most ADD-right-brained bloggers do, I've become a little restless with my mere one outlet of venting and general blabbing at the mouth.

Theretofore, I'll now be writing for an additional blog as well: the official University of Oklahoma blog, Unwind.

My subject matter is dating, relationships, fashion, culture, etc., etc., etc....but I'm sure I'll fall into my usual pattern of poking fun at myself and others instead of actually offering advice of any kind. And trust me, you don't want my advice.

With that being said, God Willing may be updated a bit less often than last school year. I know it's a big scary change, but fear not. I'm still out there in the blog community, blabbing and blabbing away. You just have to come find me...

And I really hope you will.

Much love.