Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Frankie Avenger: Take 1

It has, for many moons, been my intention to start (another) blog. I am getting my MA in Journalism after all, and the vast majority of my close allies already have to endure my self-indulgent prose via email and Facebook messages. Therefore, it’s logical and indeed considerate for me to put my ramblings here; this way, you can ignore them without feeling bad.

As it is now the start of yet another year (my 25th in fact, which is troubling), I will begin by enumerating my New Year’s Resolutions:

1. start another blog (done)
2. stick to said blog (umm…check back in 6 weeks)
3. learn guitar
4. finish reading through the bible, cover to cover (it was last year’s resolution to read it over the course of a year, and then grad school started and it all went to pot)
5. learn Photoshop (a gem of photo-editing genius that currently abides unused on my desktop)
6. be a better person in general

Number 6 is likely my most favorite resolution, as it is entirely vague and therefore a rather difficult one at which to fail. Who can say I haven’t been better? I’m sure in some ways I’ll be better this year than I was last – I’ll probably learn from some past mistakes (God help me if I don’t), and in doing so I’ll be improving my immortal soul. Flawless. The others are less fluffy; I could indeed not learn guitar, and by doing so make myself feel lame. I’m hoping that by putting this out on the WWW for…dozens…of people to see, I will internally obligate myself to finish what I start. We’ll see though; I’m not known to succumb to pressure, even when it’s my own.

So there you have it. It is my wish, at the end of 09, to be able to write about me, play songs for me, edit pictures of me, be a better me, and know a fact or two more about God. Good thing I included that last one…otherwise, you might get the wrong impression that I’m self-involved.

If you’re curious to see if I uphold resolution 2, check back in 5-7 business days. It’s my plan to blog once a weekish, but I’m a right-brained-fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl, and as a rule I do not commit myself to unnecessary scheduling. I do hope you’ll pop in from time to time; if nothing else, you can use my entries to embarrass me later in life. And trust me…I will embarrass myself on here.

Much love, and to be continued (God willing and the creek don’t rise).


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