Sunday, March 29, 2009

Frankly, Frankie.

It is days like today that make me thankful for the order and unshakable patterns of human existence. Afternoons like this one, when the sun is out but remnants of harsh weather still linger in swampy puddles beneath my storm drain, remind me why disorder equals chaos…and why in reality, chaos is only good for horror film dialogue and Britney Spears lyrics.

Today is one of those days when nothing is wrong, but nothing is quite right either. It is a day of funk; it is a day of unease. But just as things always work out in this endless cycle of hours and days and of months and years, my weary mind can find solace in this day in particular. For my day of restlessness has fallen on God’s day of rest. It is Sunday, and in 2009 secular terms, it’s the international day to recharge one’s battery.

So recharge I will. Rest I will, and pray a little I definitely will. I’m off to take my Sunday afternoon nap, people. I hope you get yours, too.

Much love.


  1. hope you defunk soon :-)

  2. i just discovered your blog.... seriously funny. miss you!